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category:Cutting Machine  name:The Bandknife Cutting MachinesCX Series
Prodcut Detail: The Bandknife Cutting Machines:CX Series

Product Feature:
1. Regulative cutting speed, the user can adjust various cutting speeds according to different fabrics,cloth cutter, strap knife cutter.
2. It is attached with a special air-floated blowing device to reduce the excess resistance formed between the cutting sheet weight
and cutting table. It makes more mobile for cutting sheet and more precise cutting for small cutting sheets.
3. An additional material is matched to keep the cutter under certain temperature. The roller uses anti-wear rubber to easily fix the cutter
with no snake-like deviation. In this way, it prolongs the cutter life.
4. Extremely easy cut removal which is fit for any ordinary person.
5. It is attached with a grinding device to ensure constant sharp of the cutter. cloth cutter, strap knife cutter.


Model CX700 CX900 CX1200
Table Size 1200X1800mm 1500X2100mm 1500X2400mm
Max Cutting Thickness 180mm 200mm 250mm
Max Cutting Span 700mm 900mm 1200mm
Speed Control Variable Speed control 10-15m/s Variable Speed control 10-15m/s Variable Speed control 10-15m/s
Strap Specification              3590X10X0.45 (mm)            4005X10X0.45 (mm) 4560X10X0.45
Power Supply     3 phase       3phase     3 phase
Packing Size 1930X830X1830 mm      1980X880X1860mm  2500X880X1860
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