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category:Cutting Machine  name:Stripe Cutting MachineCX-801A
Product Detail: Stripe Cutting Machine (CX-801A)

Product Feature:

1. Turn on machine suitable for all kinds of cloth, and suitable for cutting 45 degree bias tape,
the machine function is outstanding. Primarily used for cutting cotton cloth,
sweat cloth, elasticity
cloth, polycot blend fabric etc, make its become every kind
of a form cloth and provide the clothing,
under wear etc. product's border, collar, inlay
piece, slug of it use.

2. Thin, middle and thick cloth all can cut.

3. It is specialized to build for cutting tie-up for the knit fabric.

4. Tie-up the adjustable stanza in a width biggest to100mm.

5. The rate of cutting speed and the narrow of cloth is random adjustable.
It is an
  ideal equipment to improve cutting cloth efficiency.
6. Special designs of send
to the cloth round operate the usage very smoothly.

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