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category:Bag Closer Machine  name:Portable Electric Sewing Machine CX-2006
Product Detail:Portable Electric Sewing Machine :CX-2006

Product Description:
1.Sew the different thickness of each kind of cloth bag, the paper bag,th plastic spinning and weaving bag,
the paper models compound packing and so on;
2.Synthesize the feed mechanism box to move with automatically deduces the line organization;
3.Dead-man's handle (plasticity insulation handle);
4.Portable usage of double chain suture, the balancer and drawbar also available hang up being put into use;

Working Speed: 1500-1800rpm                     Max. Speed: 1800rpm
Thickness Of Material: 8mm                           Stitch Range:6-9mm
Needle:200/25#                                              N.W:  4kg
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